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  1. Registration and entry to the SUP ECH from 15 January 2024 to 31 May 2024 (CET) at 18:00 is possible by providing the registration information, the competition events and services chosen, and paying the participation fee. Registration and entry into the competition shall be individual. Each competitor is individually responsible for his/her own participation and the administrative activities related to his/her entry. A new registration can be made or the parameters of an existing registration can be changed online during the specified period, with the following exceptions. Registration, entry and reservations can be finalized by performing payment. After payment, the system considers the specified parameters to be final and closed, even if the payment is made before the registration deadline. After payment, parameters entered online cannot be changed! After the registration period, registrations not finalized with payment will not be processed and will be placed in invalid status.

  2. At the accreditation desk each competitor will receive their own individual BIB singlet, which will serve their identification during the race. The Organizer charge a deposit for the BIB, which can be paid online at the entry system or in cash onsite at the accreditation. The deposit cannot be paid onsite by credit card. Wearing the BIB is mandatory, without it the entry is invalid. If the singlet is lost, the Organizer will replace it for another deposit. The deposit is 100% refundable. The deposit will be released on the competitor’s account after the competition or refunded in cash onsite.

  3. Method for the payment, confirmation and billing of the participation fees, lunches, parking fees and deposit: based on the parameters specified online, the system summarizes the participation fee to be paid. The participation fee can be paid online by bank card or using the Barion wallet. Online bank card payments are made through the Barion system. Bank card details will not be sent to the Organizer. Barion Payment Zrt., providing the above-mentioned payment services, is an institution under the supervision of the National Bank of Hungary, with license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013. Paying by bank transfer or cash is not possible.
    Due to the deposit policy, a so-called reservation payment is applied. This scenario means that upon paying the total fee, the money is not immediately handed over to the HOC, but it becomes blocked until the HOC finalises or partially finalises the purchase. Banks unlock the released amount in different ways, hence it may take a few days for the balance to reappear in your account.
    All the added parameters in the online system can be modified freely prior to a successful transaction. No claim for money refund can be lodged against the HOC after the successful transaction.
    Upon successful reservation process, the registration will be recorded. Upon successful registration, an automatic confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the competitor.
    Banks account for unlocking the amount in different ways. For this reason, it may take a few days for the balance to reappear after the blocked amount is released. The system will send the invoice for the amount paid to the e-mail address provided by the competitor after the SUP ECH.
    The registration entered into the system with the payment and the requested services cannot be cancelled, and there is no possibility to refund the participation fee.

  4. Participation fees:
    The participation fee payable by a competitor in the case of sprint, tECHnical and long-distance events depend on the number of events in which the competitor has submitted an entry:
    • Entry to 1 event: 80 EUR / person
    • Entry to 2 events: 95 EUR / person
    • Entry to 3 events: 110 EUR / person
    The participation fee for competitors entering to the inflatable event is independent of the entries for sprint, technical and long-distance competitions:
    • Entry for inflatable event: 55 EUR / person
    Registration for non-participating person: 45 EUR / person

    The participation fee includes the following, depending on the status of the participant:

    Technical, Sprint, Long distance
    event participant
    event participant
    (accompanying) person
    Admission to accredited areas only on Saturday
    Guarded board storage
    Medal for winners
    Finisher medal
    Parking (sticker) for one accredited vehicle/person
    BIB vest and distribution
    Drinking water
    Medical care at the venue
    Internet access
    Security service at the venue
    Fully comprehensive insurance for the event
    Right of common and operational costs of the venue
    Organisational costs
    Live streaming of the races
    Timing and results system
    Results and information announcements
    EXPO village
    SUP Athletes Lounge
    Price for optional parking sticker and lunch included in the participation fee:
    • Lunch for the competitor and accompanying persons (12-15 June 2024): 20 EUR/person/day
    • further parking sticker for the competitor: 50 EUR / car / competition

    Deposit for the BIB singlet:
    • Deposit paid online 20 EUR / BIB
    • Deposit paid in cash onsite 30 EUR / BIB

  5. Only people who turn 15 years old in 2024 may participate in the competition.

  6. The nationality of the competitor is determined on the basis of the competitor's permanent residence. A competitor may only represent the colours of one nation during the entire competition, even if participating in more than one event.